Slacker Adventure


Slacky, the slacker had to get ready for a job interview at the Deli-Mart. He had to overcome many obstacles and vanquish his arch nemesis, the nihilist to reach the place. But now after the interview he anxiously awaits judgment from his hopefully soon-to-be boss. But, the employer puts forward a condition before Slacky, to hire him. He wants Slacky to find the vending machine stolen by some punk kids and bring it back. You, being an analytical mastermind have to help Slacky in his quest and get the job. Left Click on the things you want to look at. Left Click on the arrows to move around. If you grab an item, Left Click on the "S" Sign to view your inventory screen. Left Click on the USE, EXAMINE, or COMBINE buttons as you see fit, after you click on an item in your possession. The PAWN SHOP will give you hints if you use an item there.