Level Editor


We heard that there are some players from now on, who would like to configure the games by them selves and bored with games prepared by game developers. Here, we present a game in which you can meet your needs more than enough. Your goal in the game, is to rescue from some kinds of traps and configure the section, within the limits of given you.

Select your chapter and initiated the game with "PLAY" and "START GAME" buttons. There is only one hero on the line. You can manipulate this hero with "A,D" keys and make jumping up with "W"key or "SPACE" key. There are some various kind of featured blocks available that you can use them easily, in the section. You will see the blocks listed on the right side. To place them properly, use the "MOUSE".

There are some certain points that you need to attention in the game, the most important of these are the following: We said that the blocks are in the various featured. These are may be periodical, may be mobilizing or may disintegrant the enemies, etc. You should place them in the right place and in the right time. Another point need to be addressed that your enemy will follow you, so, be careful! apart from this, there is a certain time frame in each section. You must complete the section within this time. It is possible to extend this period time, by collecting the golds founded in the section.

You can turn on-off the music sound of game, re-start the current section and return to the chapter selection menu with buttons founded in the lower right corner side, during the game.

We wish you good luck!