Canoniac Launcher


When the game is loaded, respectively first, press on "Play" and then "New Game" buttons, then you will enter the history section. In order to skipping this section pull down the page of the game and then click on the "Play" button again. Your purpose in the game is to throw your robot away with your launching devices as much as possible. The game is played with "Mouse". Set the laucher's firing direction, then press on "Left Key". After pressing on the "Left Button" will appear the power of shot. Try to keep at the highest level, then thrown it away.

After you throw the robot will come to with many substances of which them are useful or not. Some of them cut your speed and the others throw you further away. In addition, the more you come a long way, the more you earn money, with this money: you can buy extras by clicking on "Shop" button also. When you enter the shopping store, you can purchase new launchers from "Cannons" part; guns from "Weapons" part and extra powers from "Upgrade" part. After selecting your product, purchase it with "Buy" button and return to game with "Back to Game" button.

Guns you bought are useful to speeding up you. Wait for the right time, to use the gun, click with "Left Key of the Mouse". As to your power extras, will appear below at the right side of screen, during the game. After you launch the robot, you can use these extras with left click as well. And also you can turn/down the game's sound with buttons located on the right bottom side, in course of game.

You can return to main menu with "Menu" button located on the top right side. After you make end you shotting and stopped your robot to fire again, use "Next Day" button. From us a tip for you: be a little patient and save money. After reaching 50,000 dollars your budget, and then buy a new catapult. This causes throwing further away and will help you save much more money. Shortly, the more money, the more many powerful rolls.

Enjoy your stay!