When the game is loaded, click on "Play" button to enter the "Selection Part Menu". If you are playing the game for the first time, except the first section, all other parts will be locked. After you select your part, initiated the game. Play the game with only your "Mouse". To chose the helping options click left, the game controls are about. Because you must use much more your intelligence than game ability control in the game.

Your goal in the game is to sacrifice your heroes in different ways and let your king having reach the exiting side. At the bottom, there are some helping options that you should need to use at the part you are playing. Click on one of them and place it in the right section. In this way, your hero can use it. When you click on one of help options, respectively, the heroes started to walking automatically. On the left top side, is written respectively, in which part you are, your scores, and how many heroes go out of exit.

At the middle side, is written, the amount of remaining time, the amount of your time will be enough as long as you dont't wait very much. There are many buttons located on the top right side, control the game and one of them shaped like snow to set the snow arrives in airborn, double shaped "OK" button to speed up the game, "Red Cross" shaped button, killing the heroes, "BACWARD-ARROW" shaped button to initiated the section from begining, "DOUBLE STRAIGT LINE" shaped button, to pause, the other two buttons to turn on/off the game's sound.

When you finish the section, you can pass to a new section clicking on "Continue" button. If it is need to be pointed on a few tips: Your hereos can jump up on single ply digits. It also can jump up in certain height and more dies, when falls on the ground. In addition, they can't swim and jump up without having jumping up devices. After each section, you will need to use your strategic intellingence. Remember, you addicted computer players, to reduce the level of your profit, and enjoy your fun.

We wish you luck.