William and Sly 2


After the game loaded, press on "Play" button. Then to initiated the game, click on "New Game" button. A few times press on "Down Arrow" (direction) key, and skip the intstructions. You can make move your hero, by clicking on "W, A, S, D" or "Arrow" (direciton) keys. "W" or the "Up Arrow" key is used to jump. If you press on this, for a long time, you can get much more jumping. You can turn on- off the map with "Space" key.

Your goal in the game is collecting the hidden items like mushrooms and save the frozen fairies. You can open the chests, through finding the secret keys. Once it again, explode the rocks, by collecting the hidden bombs. In order to using the bombs or keys, come on related objects, press on "S" or "Arrow" (direction) keys. Saved fairies will begin to following you. You need to fire, your hero, by collecting at least "Fairyflies" objects, to melt the ice on fairies. Try to reach the frozen stated fairies as soon as possible, because your fire will go out in a short period of time.

Here from us a tip for you: Look carefully, at the end of road and behind the grass, because there will come out very useful something.

Wish to good luck for you, because you will really need for it!