Safari Time


What about both having fun, brainstorming and forcing your intelligence in this game? Log in to the game with "Start Game" button. If you are playing the game for the first time, click on "New Game" but, if you want to continue where you left off before, click on "Resume Game". Your goal in the game is helping to pass the safari of your car where it left off. To give an example: At first chapter, click on the box remaining in the air and help fall down the bridge. Then clicking on obstacles founded in front of the car and save your car.

Game is played with "Mouse". You can see your points displayed in the upper side of screen. Your score decreases with every passing seconds. So, treat as it possible quickly for you. You can pause the game, with "Pause" button founded in the upper right hand-side. Restart the current section, with "Start" button located at the bottom and with "Select Level" button go to choising part. After you finish the section, to go to the next level click on "Next" button. Besides all this, you can turn on-off the music sound of the game with buttons located at the right side bottom.

Finally, let's force your intelligence to be successful. Wish you have good luck!