Outpost: Haven


When the game is loaded, press on "Click to Continue" button and click on "Play" button to play normal game. Your goal in the game is to kill your enemies and reach the finish line. The most important tool in the game is "Mouse". In this way, you can shoot the target with it. To make move your hero, use "W, A, S, D" keys. As to change your weapon click on "Shift" key and make your selection with "Mouse".

In addition, to open the doors and change the charger, use just "Space" key. It is need to be approached, when you want to open the in front of doors. If you don't have door opening card, the "Space" key doesn't work, in this case, it is need to approach close the in front of the door and fire several times at center of the door. You can "Pause" the game using "D" key during the game. Because this key helps you to open your mobile computer. If you wish to exit from the game, use "P" key again and click on "Quick" button.

To give you a few tips about the game here: Get points by collecting extras that you see you on the ground. Besides, you can find bulletins and energy for your weapon in the ground. Small enemies die quickly than others. You can shoot big enemies by escaping backwards.

Additionally, there is a shopping store in some places located under blue light. You can go into the store and and buy some extra charger, bulletin, energy and some new weapons with your money as much as possible, by getting close to the light. You can contol or follow your energy with indicator located in the upper right side and with lower right side indicator, respectively, your number key, the remaining of your money and bulletins.

Good luck!