All That Matters


We know how much important our family for us, don't we? You will understand better how important, solidarity, unity and togetherness in this game. Click on any place of screen, and press on any of "New Game" button. After you type your name, start the game with "Play" button.

Your goal in the game is to collect the hearts in the section as much as possible and let family members have reach the finish line by rescueing them from far aways. As we said above, we perform this, not alone but; by using different family members having different properties.

The controls of game are explained as follow: To move the selected hero, use " W,A, S, D" keys. There will be more than one family members in some sections. You can make some amedments among "1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5" keys. In addition, you can do with "Space" key that should use that help options and with "R", you restart the current part.

To give some information about the game, can be said the following: The father of family, behaves in normal way and jumps up but; he is much more stronger than the others. For example, make move each other simultaneously, when they are together, in the same section. The elder child of family, can jump up higher by double clicking on "W" key. The baby can not jumping up but; he /she can act much quickly and enter the small places.

You can restart the current part, return to main menu and turn on-off the music sound of game with buttons, located on the top of screen, during the game.

Good luck!