City Siege 3: Jungle Siege


Your country under the occupation, the civilians and statesmen were kidnapped. How about playing a game, in which consits of full of action and excitement as well as strategic intelligence. If your answer is " Yes" initiated the game with "Play" button and enter the main menu and go ahead with "Continue" button, when the game is loaded. If you play the game, for the first time, you will be asked to select a partition to record. If you play for the first time, open the section, if you are not playing for the first time, select a section and staterted the game. Your goal in the game, is to destroy the enemies and save the civil hostages, special individuals like statesman. You can make it happen by using soildiers belonging to different features. tanks and helicopters. The gaem is played with "W, A, S, D or Mouse". You can earn money, by killing enemies. You can buy tanks, helicopters and soildiers with "Buy Units" button, among the sections with the money you earn. In addition, you can inrease your current army's power with starts that you collected. You can be chosen with maximum 5 soildiers and vehicles, for the new chapter. You can change the soildiers that you select by clicking on "1,2,3,4,5" keys or with "Mouse", during the game. You can buy air raid, health and repair services, when you have enough money.

Now, let's give you a few tips about the game: Normal-armed soildiers can pull down the places which consist of wooden, but; can not scatter the stones. You will need for soildiers like bomber, bozooka to crushing the stones. If you fire to the explosive substances, you can kill the enemies easily around you. If any conditions happen that you need to save the civillians, you can collect the civillians, by sending your cheapest soildiers as prey. Also, you can use the spy soildiers, in the same cases.

You can learn amount of money, the remaining of civilian and statesman and the number of stars that you collected with indicators founded at the bottom, during the game. Air raid, first aid and repair operations can be done with buttons, located on the top left hand side, you can pause and enter the game settings sections, with buttons founded in the upper right- hand- side.

While you are playing the game, if your men die or would like to add new ones, and if you purchased before, you can buy it with "Deploy" button. You can return to "Main menu" with "Abort" button. If you can not complete the task. Would you overcome this challenging task? Come on, let's see you!
Wish you have a good chance!