Bloom Defender


Here is a special and wonderful game, for strategy lovers again. Now, this time you faced with a very different game. You need to defend against the enemies with your trees, having different properities. After the game is loaded, respectively, go on "Play" and "New Game" buttons.

In the game, your goal is to protect the main tree of life resource. You can play the game with "Mouse". Which tree you want to plant, click on it ( to special tree) drag and drop it on any empty area. Click on the tree which you would like to grow up and wait for the irrigation. Thus, your tree able to make a wider range and more powerful shots. After plant your tress, if you click on the arrow-shapped button located on the top left, it is considered that you initiated the attack.

You can plant trees and make strengthening as the amount of water as you have. You can follow, the status of your water, from the indicator, founded on the top of screen. As long as, you kill, the enemies will increase. Also, it is easier to kill the enemies with extra defence mechanisms located on the top of screen. Choose any of them, and send enemies passing regions. You can pause the game, restart the current section, and turn on-off the music sound of the game, if you click on the buttons founded in the upper- right hand side, during the game.

Good luck!