Theme Hotel


Would like to add money to your money begining with small capitals? You will be addicted to this game, in which you can test your business intelligence and develop it. If you prefer to play the game with sound then click on "With Sound" but; if you want to play in close-tongued select, "Mute" button. Click on "Play" button and then type your name and initiated the game.

Your goal in the game, is to leave customers satisfied and turn into five-star your hotel as soon as possible. The game is played with "MOUSE". Also, you can use "W,A,S, D" keys to move around the screen. You can build entertainment centers, such as elevators and work places that can provide customer satisfaction and you can place your workers in these plcases with buttons founded on the lower side of screen.

Moreover, you can control your statistical information, enlarge or reduce the screen and even pause the game easily from the same place. Let's give some clue about the game: One of the most important elements in the game is elevators. Try to build many elevators as it possible, to avoid shortage of elevators lift, in the interspace. Also, there is a great probablity that experince difficulty engineer shortage in the electronic areas and waiter shortage in the restuarants. So, be careful in these areas, do not forget to note the sequence of rooms.

Finally, you can return to the main menu, record your game and turn on-off the game sound with buttons located in the upper left corner. Good luck.