Beauty Resort 3


Would like to be the operator of rehabilation centers in which coming to all celebrities such as actors, actresses, beauty, make up, massage and comprised of a social structure fields? Moreover, first in India then in Finland and the latest in Hollywood.

If your answer is "Yes" then press on "START GAME" button and select a part and initiated the game. Your goal in the game is to conduct your customers in the areas mentioned above and satisfy their needs without piss and miss them.

The game controls are very simple: It is played only with "Mouse", click just and leave there where customers want to go and now let's give you a little clues. If more than one person wants to go to a field and your current situation is not enough for that then, you can sent back your clients of one or more of them to the room again. Thus, they do not invade the area where they are, by waiting. You can clean the polluded fields by clicking on the yellow button founded below once in. Do this quickly in order that not wait the customers who would like to go there. You can buy extras with money that you earned from the chapters by clicking on "STORE" button. Do not forget that this game proceed with joint and several. If you slip a ring on the chain, the others will be delayed.

We wish you have success!