Awesome Tanks


You will feel the adrenalin in your veins, in this game, which is made specially for war games and adrenaline junkies. Your goal in the game, is to kill your enemies with tank, given you, and to improve your tank, by making money.

Go on with "PLAY" button, in the next step, if you select "ENABLE" option; voice game, but if you choose "DISABLED" version, will be opened quiet game. Afer then, having you selected a section, initiated the game.

If you wish you can manipulate your tank with "W, A, S, D" keys or with "Arrow" keys as well. You must shoot with "MOUSE", as soon as, see your enemies, while looking around the enviroment and driving your tank. As long as obtaion new weapons to your tanks, you can select and use them with "1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5" keys or with "SPACE" key.

Money will drop from under some of the walls, boxes and tanks. You can strengthen your tanks or buy new weapons, by collecting that money, among the section. Another point worth nothing, is running out bullets of some weapons. Do not forget to buy them also. As a matter of fact, you can keep tabs on this from bullet indicator among th sections and during the game. What is even much better is that; if you are not able to finish the section that you are playing, it will not be deleted the money that you are collecting in the section, and so; this will provide you a great advantage to saving money for you.

Finally, you can turn on- off, the music sound of game, pause the game or return to main menu with buttons located at the bottom, in the course of game.

Hope you have fun!