Truck Loader


How about you testing, both your intelligence and your talents, as well as using ability power on the computers? Becareful, there will be a time in which, you will push the limits of your patience and burst with anger because of your ambitious. But; none of all these are able to distract you from your aims. It is need to place a box in the truck, with loading-bearing machine, given you.

After the game is loaded, go on, with "NEW GAME" button. Initiated the gamed, after you select a section. Loading-bearing machine moves with "W, A, S, D" keys or with "Arrow" keys. Use the machine handle with "MOUSE". This magnetic handle necessary to move the boxes that you are not able to dragging, by holding them. After placing the boxes to the truck properly, it is required to exit from the truck, in order to proceeding it easily.

When you place the boxes to the truck properly, the light will appear in green. The boxes are loaded with fragile items. So, ought to be careful, when you moving them. You should be careful, when you placing some boxes of direction which it shows. Put them in that direction line.

You can turn on-off the music sound of game, re-start the current section and return to the main menu with buttons located on the top left side, in the course of game. In the mean time, the time proceeds in the upper right side. Let's see how much in a short time will you able to place the truck?

We wish you success!