Level Editor 2


We are in the precence of you with the second version of game that previously presented and a favourite of players who would like to configure own game, by them selves. You will reach the peaks of excitement with lots of changes, made on the first game. The purpose of game is to configure the as your will, with framework of limits, given you, and to save your hero from the traps by making reach to the finish line.

After you pressing on "START GAME" button, and then select a section. You can manipulate your hero with "A, D" keys and "W" or with "SPACE" key, make jumping up. It will be sufficient to use or place various objects given you, on the near side. You will see the squares slightly specified on the screen. Place the blocks exactly on the squares. You can re-start the current section from the begining quickly by pressing "R" key.

To give some clue about the game, can be said the followings: What you make sure most, in the game, is the block of types and your time. Try to collect the golds as much as it possible; as it gaining time for you. Each gold gains five seconds. Try to use the objects in your hand efficiently because it is hardly enough to reaching the output.

You can turn on-off the sound of music and return to the main menu with buttons founded on the right corner side, during the game. Good luck!