Pursuit of Hat


It is coming for the people who, says both I turst to my intelligent and I am a good player. How about you playing a game in which, you will encounter with many difficulties, sometimes; when appropriate, you will be furious and run out of your patience, because of all these difficulties. Your goal in the game, is to reach to the hat, by variety of ways.

Initiated the game respectively with "PLAY" and "NEW GAME" buttons. You can make move your hero, with right, left and up "DIRECTION" keys: There is an interesting feature of your hero. It will be enough for you to pressing on "SPACE" key to use this interesting feature. Use the "DOWN ARROW" key to attach the limbs, your removed.

Let's give some tips about the game: Would be useful to know that because you can pass in some places by leaving your parts: such as, arms and legs, trunk and head are equal weight of three. In fact, the game also confined only to this. You can overcome many difficulties by using this. Another futher point is this: The more you remove limbs from your body, the more you feel difficult in walking and jumping up.

After you pass this section, you open the next section by "NEXT LEVEL" button. You can turn on-off the sound of music of game, re-start the current section and return to the main menu with buttons founded at the bottom of screen, in the course of the game.

Good luck!