This is the Only Level 3


Would like to play different games on the same partition, instead of changing continues section? Then, leave you alone, with our game. Your goal in the game, is to reach to the exit your elephant without entrapped it, with different ways.

Initiated the game, with "PLAY", or "CONTINUE" button. You can make move your hero, with "W, A,  D", or with "UP-RIGHT-LEFT DIRECTION" keys; and make enter through the doors with "S" or "DOWN DIRECTION" key. You will need for food, in some sections, and you can benefit from the foods with "SPACE" key; and pause the game with "P" key.

If we would like to give some hints about the game, can be said the followings: May not be enough to turn the handle of exit door to open it every time. So, it is necessary to think in very versatile and make every efforts to do your best. Be careful to the thorns as much as possible. Indicator is going on, continued progress founded in the lower left corner. There is no an any obligation to finish the game, in a certain period of time. However, if you are able to break the rocord, you can throw your signature on high scores, and beyond this, can measure, how good your ability care is.

You can re-start the current section with "PANIC" button, founded in the bottom left corner and can return to the main menu with "MENU" button. We wish you be success!