My Dolphin Show 2


If you need to rest, and tired from filled action games and now, we are in presence of you with a great game for you. The hoops, balls, filled with bars a dolphin show; if you are get ready, press on "START GAME" button and then initiated the game.

Your purpose in the game is so simple: as mentioned above, is to make show with your dolphin and provide entertaining moments to the people. You can make normal demonstration with "STADARD SHOW". For a while, will appear, at intervals, great performances named "SHOW TIME". When the time comes, you can participate in them and can demonstrate your real performance.

Game controls are as follows: You can make move your dolphin with "W, A, S, D" keys or "DIRECTION" keys. Go into the deeper pool and take up right direction turn, to your dolphin quickly, in order to jumping up higher. There will be some informative and directional signs which are named "TARGET" in the middle of the pool. Make the true bounce by following them. Balls are to hit, the bars to jumping up around; the hoops to go through them, the people, for the jumping.

You can develop your dolphin in many various branches, with money you earned. If you eat the fish founded in the pool, will give you points. You can control, the reamining time from the top of screen, can pause the game and return to the main menu with "EXIT" button. Hope you have fun!