Are you ready for, action filled, off road car racing? Oh, help! for goodness sake! Focus your attention carefully on the steering wheel!

Go ahead, respectively, with "CONTINUE" and "PLAY GAME" buttons, then choose your car and the racing circuit. If you feel your self ready, initiated the game with "RACE" button. You can drive the vehicle with "W, A, S, D" or "DIRECTION" keys. To use the "TURBO" click on "SPACE" key, for hand brake use "C" or "N" keys. You can not use the turbo all the time; because it will fill in certain period of time. You can follow this named "BOOST" indicator, located at the lower left corner.

On the one hand, you can win the races, on the other hand, if you collect the money founded on the race circuit, you can accumulate them, and can buy new vehicles, with money that you earn, among the sections. I would like to add also that important information: Try not to hit the walls and the other objects as much as possible; so, this make lose great of your times.

Another nice addition of game is the following: If you are not able to put the vehicles on the road or not balanced it properly, soon after, the game automatically placed you properly to the path. However, do not forget, even this, it is a waste of time as well.

You can pause the game, turn on-off the music sounds of the game and also can re-start the current section and return the main menu with buttons founded on the top right corner of screen, during the game. Good luck!