Ancient Jewels


We are in persence of you with another version of legendary, destroyin diamonds. You will be the hooked of this game, in which both measures your attentional ability and shows resistance ability aganist the time.

When the game is opened, you will see some coloured stones: Your purpose in the game, is to blow up more than two consecutive block of the same coloured stones, by bring them side by side and over and over.

You can change with only jump ahead of stones that would like to make three, with help of the "MOUSE". What you need to do, is to finish by exploding flashes back of theme colour of tiles. However, do not forget that you have to fight aganist the time! If you are able to finish the game, less than five minutes; then, you will gain rights to move to the next section.

You can see the remaining time on the top of screen. As to the bottom part, there will be an indicator which shows your received points and at which level you are. Furthermore, use buttons, in which you set the sounds tone of game and can access to the main menu there. We wish, good chance for you!