Bunny Flag


Rabbit kingdom has been attacked by enemy. The fate of this kingdom is in your power! For this reason, you need to help them. Your purpose in the game, is to prevent from that attack and not to given rein your flag to the enemies.

First, click on "PLAY" button, after then, respectively set your section and your difficulty level of the game. The game controls are as follows:
Moving: "W, A, Q, D" keys.
Aim and Shoot: "MOUSE" key.

To give information about the game, can be noticed the following: There are some useful structures, something like barricades. Before and during the attack, put together them on the road, as much as it is possible, and try to slow down the enemies. You will hold new structures and weapons with points, you gained. Follow your attack condition with indicators, located on the top of screen and set a good strategy take into consideration of your surviving energy and make your defense accordingly.

In the course of game, you can respectively, pause the game, turn on-off the music sound of game, and speed up the game, with buttons founded on the top of screen. This uphill struggle is not so easy! We wish you success!