Civilizations Wars: Ice Legend


Players who love strategy games rush here! To establish your own country, to reproduce your community and to provide accommodation for your own public and to spread to large lands... All of these are fundamental rules of the game. But, you have to keep your hands quickly, otherwise the lands will be occupied by the enemies.

After the game is loaded, respectively, click on "NEW GAME" button, then select the degree of your difficulty, the nationality of you, and your chapter which you would like to play, for the last, initiated the game easily. The game is played with "MOUSE". The only thing you need to do, drag your men towards on the top of other buildings and click left on your main building. Thus, you will capture the buildings. Try your best to capture more buildings than your opponents, by going like this. Including main building, in some buildings the number of men are reproduced by them selves up to in certain level. That is why, direct your men into the free spaces.

There are a few points which you need to to pay attention! While you making the stated above operations, try not to give rein your buildings to your opponent. If your building is occupied, you have obliged to do capturing the building from the very beginning. Also, there is a shooting ability feature, some of buildings. Remember, to invade these places. Scores will be given to you, among the sections. You can purchase some special powers with these points. Do not forget to use these special powers against your opponents with you buttons founded in the lower left corner of screen, during the game.

When you finish the sections in the game, you open the other modes of game. You can return the main menu and settings menu with "OPTIONS" button founded at the bottom of right corner of the screen. Despite an easy game initially, you will realize the difficulty of game, as you continue passing the sections. It is time to run your strategy intelligence! Good luck!