Armor Mayhem


Hang on! This game may cause addiction! It has been a very long time, since you did not come to face with such a full of excitement and action game. When you are ready, go ahead. Your purpose in the game is, to beat all your enemies.

Continue with "PLAY" and "START GAME" buttons. After you select your section, initiated the game. As to the key combinations are as follows:

Moving: "W, A, D" keys.
Shoot: "MOUSE" key.
Taking the guns on floor: "S" key.
Changing the weapons: "Q" key.
Commanding the team: "E" key.
Seeing the score sign: "R" key.
Adrenaline Mode: "SPACE" key, (by keeping hold down)
Menu: "ESC" key.

Progressive mode, covers different game types, for instance: in some games, you need to steal the power ball of your opponent team and bring it to your own region. It is necessary to turn the control points in favor of you, in some games. In some games, just intended to beat your opponent. You can protect your health, by taking the interspersed enemies, among the sections, during the game. Each weapon or energy bonus will come into existence, at the same place again, after taken for a while. You can learn the location of your enemies with the map, founded in the lower right corner, can turn up- down the music sound of the game, with buttons. Have fun!