Your goal in this Netboats game, which you played very a lot, once upon time and made of tetris logic, is to comprise of all of the shapes, given to you on the left side, by connecting all small balls each other. May be it sounds simple; but it will not be so easy at all for you!

Respectively, click on "START" button and select your chapter. The game is played with "MOUSE". Click on any of the balls, which you would like to connect each other, and move it all onto them. When you performing this operation, do not touch on other balls, in order not to exceeding the shape, which you would like to create.

In the course of game, a time indicator will be opened, beside the question mark, founded in the lower left corner. After running out this time, you can click on that question mark and can get some tips. In addition, you can carry out all these operations, respectively, resume the game, pause the game and turn off the music sound of game with buttons founded next to it. Good luck!