Corporation Inc


We are in presence of you, with a great company game, which is for the people who would like to be own boss of their own company. Establish offices, engage worker, set a technician for out of order machines, expand your place, expand your company. Rush here, people who says my business intelligence and management ability is high.

Your goal in the game is, to bring your company and your profit margins to the last level. Game controls are as follows:

Structure and selection individual: "MOUSE".
Navigation on the screen: "W, A, S, D, or DIRECTION" keys.

Let's give a little information about the game: You can select the structure which you would like to build and the type of worker that you want to work, with buttons founded, in the upper left corner of the screen. Launched the game, by establishing an office on a free place. Thereafter, start earning money by, putting workers to the normal computers, in one hand. Meanwhile, only one worker can be put for each computer. You can build new places, depending on the monetary situation founded in the upper left corner. Then, satisfy your worker needs, depending on the needs of workers. in different fields. Let's explain for you, the feature of workers:

Worker: Normal Labor
IT Tech: Technician
Supervisor: Caretaker
Researcher: Researcher
Accountant: Accountant
HR: Human Resources

Do not forget to build places such as: cafes and gym centers for your worker needs. Also, you can put some stuffs like, coffee machine and water dispenser machine, in your offices. Remember to pay attention for the elevators. Wish you good luck!