Wake The Royalty


There is no place to sleep in this game! The sleeping family of Royalty needs for you to wake up! Your purpose in the game, is to awake all family members of this game.

When the game is loaded, select a section and initiated the game. The game play is quite simple. The game can be played only with "MOUSE". Put the different size of pieces of wood, in right places, by using a little your intelligence. You will see the cross, in the areas where you can not put the pieces of wood. I can not go on without touching briefly the clue of game. Place your pieces of wood cause to disrupt balance and try to cause to fall the Royalty family. Do not forget to use that there will be constantly spinning wheels, in some sections.

When you finished the section, you can jump up to the next chapter with "NEXT LEVEL" button. In addition, it is accessible buttons, founded in the upper right corner of the screen,with these buttons, you can set the music sound of game and can adjust the game settings. Good luck!