Are you looking for a game in which, on the one hand, you can test your intelligence; on the other hand, you can measure your speed? So, this game best suits for you! Your purpose in the game is, to throwing the ball to the holes, changing their places, in each section, without breaking the ball, given from the random places, within a structure.

If you are ready, click on "PLAY" button, and then, select your section and initiated the game. The game is played only with "MOUSE". It is necessary to build different types of structure,to the rounded area of the ball, founded in the lower corner of the screen. Depending on height, choose one of the right one, big, small or slopping blocks. When you finish the process, complete the section, by clicking on "START" button.

Let's give detailed information about the game: There are gaps, in some sections. You need to build bridge blocks to these places. In addition, there are also available shaped arrow blocks, changing directio of the ball. If necessary, use them as well. You can change the direction of blocks, by clicking on them. In the course of game, you can delete one by one the structure which you build, by selecting eraser-shaped button, but if you would like to delete all the structure, in that case, click on written "RESTART" button. We wish you success!