Pick and Dig 3


We are presence of you with an interesting game that requires using your intelligence when you encounter with various adventures in each section! Dig, climb and collect the money! Your goal in the game, is to finish the chapters by collecting all mines.

Click on "PLAY" button, in order to initiating this entertaining game. As to the key combinations are as follows:

Moving: "W, A, S, D or DIRECTION" keys.
Using the tools: "1, 2, 3 or Z, X, C" keys.

Let's give little clue about the game: It is necessary to get at least one gold, in order to opening the other section's door, by passing the current section. But, the more you collect golds, the much more will increase your chances of getting some specialized talent, among the sections. There is no jumping feature of your hero. Therefore, in order to entering to some chapters, you need to purchase some of these specialized skills.

In due course of game, follow, which vehicle how many you are able to collect and use them only when it is necessary with indicators located in the upper side of the screen. You can re-start the current section and return to the main menu with above mentioned buttons. Do not forget to pay attention to the petrochemical! Enjoy your stay!