Isoball 2


Now, we are in presence of you, with the second version of Isoball game, which you were hooked on previously! Waiting for you, new chapters, in this game, in which you are testing your intelligence against the time. As you know, your goal in the game is, to throw the ball into the walls of hole, without dropping and breaking it.

After the game is loaded, initiated the game with "PLAY" button. The game can be played only with "MOUSE". Place your structure exactly level with the ball, in order to trickling the ball. Thereafter, build new additional structures, so as to direct the ball to the hole. The number of structure types which you can use, in the section, is available at the bottom of the screen.

In the course of game, respectively, you can return to the main menu, and can turn on-off the music sound of the game with buttons founded, in the upper side of the screen. Note that, you are fighting against the odds, at the same time! Good luck!