Necronator 2


People, immortals, Orgs, Elfs and others... Get ready for tough battles. Remember that the water sleeps, the never sleeps. Because of the game is a war game, it contains some violent scenes and therefore, it is appeal to 16+ ages. We indicate our sensitivity in this matter, if there is any fault, we wish to excuse us for it.

After you clicking on the "START" button, select your recording part and type your name. Then you will be asked to select a race. After selecting the game, in which you would like to play and initiated this uphill struggle. The key combinations are as follows:

Navigating on the map: "W, A, S, D" or "DIRECTION" keys.
Functions: "MOUSE" key.

Let's make your work easier, by giving detailed information about this great game. There is a main house in each region that is in each section. You can press soldiers with "UNIT" button, founded at the right corner of bottom. Each soldier belongs to certain power output time and depending on this, they having a price. So you have to raise money for making military bust. You can get money by invading the other structures, located on the road or by killing the enemy's soldiers. It will be enough to trot round the cursor on the golds which you acquired. Again, you can benefit from your special powers with "SPELL" button, founded in the lower right located on the road to slow down your enemies.

You can buy new soldiers, can make some specific improvements with your received points, by "ARMY" button, among the sections. Remember that it will be enough to destroy the main buildings of your enemy to defeat your opponent. So send the enemy there instantly, if you are able to press extra troops. The soldiers will be redirected directly there where you plant the red flag which is founded under pressing soldiers menu. Apart from that you can direct the soldiers where you would like to go, by choosing them one by one.

In the course of game, you can respectively, enter the settings, can pause the game and can set the speed of the game with buttons founded in the upper left corner side. Are you ready for tough battles? if your response is "YES" do not wait, go on. Good luck!