Castaway 2


Hang on to your hat! You are face with abundance of action struggling, uphill battle, in types of progressive game. You may stick with this game, for hours, you may be addicted with this game, we promise you...

Your purpose in the game is, to kill the strange creatures, occupying your country and to save your country. Respectively, click on the "START GAME" and "NEW GAME" buttons and enter a name. The key combinations are as follows:

Moving: "W, A, S, D" or "DIRECTION" keys.
Attack and Functions: "SPACE" key.
Selection: "MOUSE" key.

Let's briefly explain the meaning of the buttons and menus which you use in the game.

INVENTORY: Here, in which you can see the acquired materials, the weapons, armor and shields, as well as health potions and variety of drinks, by killing the creatures, briefly stated, here is your storage room.
STATS : Here, you can see the sum power of your hero, if there any help pet of power, visible characteristics such as armor and weapons... And if you are able to continue passing the levels, you will increase, such as features with points which you acquired.

QUESTS: It recalls the tasks that you are having now.
SKILL: You can see various types of skills and can increase them with points which you have received.
EGG STATUS: When you give the received eggs of creatures to the reformatory house, by killing the variety types of creatures and these eggs will provide helping pet for you. You can follow the incubation and growth status from this here.

You can buy new gadget equipments and supplies from the sales centers, in which sales many different types of weapons and potions with golds that you have won till now. You can learn the tasks through the sculptures, founded in the sections. Let's see how much, you are able to be successful in this challenging task? Good luck!