Epic Battle Fantasy 3


Close attention! This game may cause addiction. We are in presence of you with different style of Pokemon game. Plenty of action, plenty of adventure, plenty of struggle... Difficulties which never follow hard after you...
Are you ready for all these?

Proceed with "PLAY" and "NEW GAME" buttons and select your level of difficulty. Your goal in the game is, to beat the creatures, having different characteristic features. The game controls are as follows:

Moving: "W, A, S, D" or "DIRECTION" keys.
Approval: "SPACE" key.
Function: "MOUSE" key.

When you start the game, there are three quantity of your characters of which name are Matt, Natalie and Lance. Especially Matt, who is the leaders of them, you will be encounter with many rather strange creatures, in this adventure, starting in the jungle. You can participate in these challenging battles. by going to in front of them and pressing on "SPACE" key. At it again, there are chests in some places, on the way. You can get extra bonuses, by opening these chests with the same key. The logic of the wars are as follows: First of all, all heroes primarily, including you, make attacks, respectively then, the queue passes to the opponent. The same situation applies to them. After they making stroke, one by one thereafter, the turn comes to you again.

You can make some improvements, by clicking on "MENU" button, located upper left corner; if your food is available, you can increase your energy by using the foods. Let's briefly explain the functions of buttons which you use, during the battle:

Attacks: Attacks that you have.
Tactics: Determine tactics
Bushido: Green indicator, in which is showed the situation of special limited powers.
Special: In different types of special skills.
Item: Foods and weapons, collected from the outside.
Equips: Clothing and your armors.

In the course of game, you can leave from the with "MENU" button, as it has been always, A giant octopus is waiting for you, at the end of the game. Take your precautions accordingly. Good luck!