Icy Fishes


The cute octopod seems a bit hungry. What about you giving to it fish? Your goal in the game is, to feed your octopod with fish, coming from the bubbles that you have just exploded.

Initiated the game with "PLAY GAME" button and select your section. The game is played only with "MOUSE". At first, you are given a single bomb. After, you blowing up it, red flashing bubbles will burst. If available edgewise, after the bomb, if you please, you can begin to use immediately your mines, and if you want, you can defer it later. Try to collect the fish, coming from the inside of bubbles that you have blowed up, by moving your octopod. The number of fish which you are required to pass, is given in the upper left corner of the screen. If you are able to pass that number of fish is given to you, in a few sections, you will have right to pass to the next section.

You can make some improvements in each section, by clicking on "UPGRADE SHOP" button. Of course, to make these improvements, it is required to playing the sections well and need to collect fish and pearl. In addition, if you buy various types of attacks from extras, it will provide you pretty convenience to crossing ever increasing difficult sections, in the future. A recommendation from us to you: First of all, try to get "EXTRA WAVE" and "EXTRA MINE" bonuses, extra wave and mines will pretty help to make easy your business.

In the course of game, you can respectively, re-start the current section, return to the main and adjust to the sound settings of the game with buttons, located in the upper left corner of the screen. Good luck!