Create a fortune for yourself, bring your own castle and your own community, with this fortune. However, many challenges are waiting for you to make them.

Respectively, go ahead with "PLAY" and "NEW GAME" buttons. After setting up your character then, initiated the game. The game is played only with "MOUSE". First of all, purchase things which you would like to get, with 500 golds, given to you. This may be a gun or an armor... Some materials are required to get any car. Preemptively, you should get them. When, all the transaction are finished, click on "TRAVEL" button; select a place on the map, thereafter, hit the road.

You are not obliged to fight with opponents who encounter with you. If you encounter with a formidable opponent, you can reach an agreement, or you can run away. In addition, you can activate the automatic combat option, by clicking on "AUTOFIGHT" button. Thus, you do not need to make every move individually. Let's see, will you able to be victorious, in this challenging struggle? or else will you bend your neck against your competitors? Good luck!