Ben 10: Savage Pursuit


Vilgax and its monsters still continue make a nuisance of Ben10. Of course, Does the Ben10 hero stop without hitting back the shootings? Ben10 in presences of you with different characters which turn into the different features, such as: Ball of fire, wild dog.

As you know, your purpose in the game is to beat Vilgax and its evil creatures and to save the world. Initiated the game with "PLAY" button and skip the introductions with "NEXT" button. The key combinations are as follows:
Moving: "DIRECTION" keys.
Attack: "SPACE" key.
Making changes: "Z+DIRECTION" keys.

Let's go into the details of the game: At the time of the game, you can get different features, by pressing on related keys. For example, the wild dog detects the mines, the green monster can climb to the trees. Pay attention, not to pass on the waters with fire ball. Big monsters are waiting for you, at the end of each chapter. Beat them and return to your minibus.

The green indicator, founded in the upper left corner shows the conversion time. the orange indicator specifies your energy. You can also find bonuses which will increase these, in the section. Come on then, will you able to withstand against Vilgax and its evil creatures? Enjoy your stay!