Cursed Treasure: Level Pack


Cursed Treasure game which enshrines in everybody's hearts with previous version, now in presence of you with a whole new version. Your goal in the game is to protect the diamonds from the bad guys. Moreover, you will experience better this excitement with a whole new sections.

Select your registering partition, by clicking on "PLAY" and "START" button. After then, enter your name and initiated the game. The game is played only with "MOUSE". It is necessary to build in green arcos, green building, in blue areas; blue building and in red zone red buildings. If available tower in this section, you can build whichever you want in this here.

You can get money so long as, you kill the mans and you can build many buildings with that money. As long as, you belong to blue potion you, you can cut the trees with this potion, you can increase the power of the buildings, just for 5 seconds or you can send fire ball to the certain area.

You can make some improvements and add power to your power, when you passing the sections, by clicking on "SKILLS" button. Thus, you can make a better defense against of your enemies. In the course of game, you can respectively, make sound settings, re-start the current section and return to the main menu with "MENU" button, located in the lower right corner of the screen. Hope you have fun!