Monster Truck 3D: Reloaded


If you would like to play more realistic games, in terms of visually, in that case you are in the right place. Because, we continue to provide quality services with our 3D games. You will find yourself in the middle of this adventure.

Your purpose in the game is to, collect the small star with you mini van and to reach to the finish line. When the game is loaded, initiated the game with "CONTINUE" and "START GAME" buttons. The game controls are as follows:

Motion: "DIRECTION" keys.
Hand brake: "SPACE" key.

Try to keep your small lorry under the your control. Do not approach to the edges of the road, so long as, it is necessarily. Try to acquire speed where it is difficult to jumping up, in this way, you will carry out a better jumping up improvement. The game has unlimited rights. If you are able to surpass, one of the control parts, you will start form there, when you die. You can use "SPACE" shortcut to continue, after your death. You can click on written "1, 2" buttons, founded at the bottom of the screen, to change the angle of the camera, in the course of the game. Good luck!