Echoes - Operation Stranglehold


You are face with the most realistic, the most exciting and which covers the most strategic intelligence game of all the time. You will be addicted to this game, which is not so much more different than the other normal computer games, and you will have full time experience with it.

Your goal in the game is to defeat your enemies with various kind of featured weapons and soldiers, by identifying the most appropriated strategy. If you are ready, respectively, click on "PLAY" and "START CAMPAIGN" buttons and then, select your section and initiated the game easily. The key combinations are as follows:

Attack: "MOUSE" key.
Acting: "W,A,S,D" keys.
Issuing Command: "E" key.
Fast Running: "SHIFT" key.
Soldiers selection: "Q" key.
Special Attributes: "1,2,3,4,5,6" keys.
Weapon Selection: "Z,X,A,Y,W" keys.
Passing to Strategy Mode: "SPACE" key.
Pause the game: "P" key.

Let's give you detailed information pertained to the game: In order to passing the introduction parts click on "SKIP SCENE" button. It is necessary to capture all the strategic control points and wave your own flag. In addition, you can construct buildings to your own regions with "STRATEGY MODE" button. Try to care not to approach your enemies soldiers, surrounding to your own buildings. You should be care doing your defense and attacking your duty with a great care. You can use your special weapons against your powerful enemies. Moreover, do not forget to pay attention to use your special filling healthy features, not only for your self, but also for your loyal soldiers, in order to replacing your energy.

Let's see whether you are able to take right step in this formidable game? Good luck!