The Worlds Hardest Game 2


We are in presence of you with the hardest game of the world. You will have quite an ambition, in this game, driving all players; before, with previous version of it and very few people are able to be successful to finis it.

Your purpose in the game is to, carry your red frame from its green place to the other green areas. Initiated the game, respectively, "BEGIN" and "NEW GAME" buttons. As the key combinations are as follow:
Acting: "W, A, S, D" or "DIRECTION" keys.
Game Menu: "M" key.
Game Pause: "P" key.
Sound off: "U" key.

The blue circles are moving pretty fast. In addition, according to the different difficulty of the sections, changes aspect of moving parts, and can take more complicated situations. So, that is why, you should keep your hands, quickly as much as it is possible and you should escape from them with a great pace. Moreover, if there are any empty places, you can hide yourself there, in this way, you are able to proceed more easily. There is only one green area, where you make beginning by collecting the yellow points, in this section. This game consists of 50 chapters, in which how many times, you die during the entire game, indicated above the screen "DEATHS" button. Let's see, you are able to come to with maximum number sections, with the least death. Enjoy your stay!