While you were en routing deep down of space, the space ship suddenly was damaged and you fell on an interesting planet. First of all, in order to continue to the road, you need to stroll around the surrounding a little bit and dive into the water. Because, you need to use the surrounding row materials, to construct new engine, by exploring them.

If you are ready to fight this challenging struggle then, you are welcome! Your goal in the game is to combine the raw materials correctly, which are help you to make the engine. Initiated the game, with "PLAY" and "PLAY GAME" buttons. The game controls are as follows:
Engagement and Attack: "MOUSE".
Acting: "W, A, S, D" or "DIRECTION" keys.
Warehouse: "Q" key.
Lantern: "F" key.
Workers instruction: "R" key.
Capitalization material:"E" key.

Try to look round the environment as much as possible and get all kinds of materials that will be useful for you. Thereafter, go to your ship, enter into your warehouse, combine them, so, in this way, you can produce new materials. When you dive into the deep areas, your energy may begin to decline, because of the pressure and some gases, be careful to this regard. In the course of the game, you can turn on-off the music sound of the game, with buttons founded at the bottom of the screen and you can pause the game, return to the main menu with "ESC" key. Do not forget that you need to use worker instruction, respectively as it is indicated in the worker instruction to produce new raw materials. Hope you have fun!