The person who begins to playing this game, never stops again. Frost, which is become a passion of everyone, it pleases of you now. Play the game with an excitement that you moving up to the next more advanced levels; and it is not only amusingness to playing but also helps you to improve your practical intelligence.

Your purpose in the game is to extinguish all flames with your directed masses of ice. When the game is loaded, click on "PLAY" button. After opening the level table, you can play from the first level. As to the key combinations are as follows:

Acting: "DIRECTION" keys.
Attack: "SPACE" key.

A window will be appeared in which indicates the levels, when you jump up to the next level; after then, you can jump up to the next level, by clicking on "NEXT" button. As an additional information, you can use the buttons in which you can adjust the sound of the game, recording the game and restart the current game, these buttons are founded at the top right corner fo the screen. There is a stopwatch founded at the top left corner side of the screen, showing how much time you have used until now. Let's be a part of this game and reach the peaks of the entertainment! Have a good time!