Castle Commander


You will understand the winning pleasure of feeling, once more in this game. Conted for an implacable struggle with your eternal opponents, you are head of command to jump up one victory to another victory, once more time again. Come on! why are you waiting for? Defend your castle, by putting on your swords and scatter your enemy.

When the game is loaded, respectively, first click on "START" button and then, determine your color. Thereafter, a map will appear in front of you. Click on written "START GAME" button, indicated by the arrow and click on again written "NEXT" buttons that appear before you.

You can play the game with "W, A, S, D" or "DIRECTION" keys, and you can play also with "MOUSE". Your castle will give you golds and soldiers, at regular intervals. You can select, by clicking on left on your soldiers and send them towards your enemies. You can own new soldiers, with the coins that you have won till now and also you can make energy upgrade bonuses. You can use this bonus, by clicking on it and show as target your soldiers. When you conquer the castle, a window will be appeared, in which shows your attacks, your defense points and gold coins that you have got. In this way, you will open the door, for the next conquest. Do not forget that as long as, you gain victory, will be opened the locked castles and you will participate in new challenges! Enjoy your stay!