Atomic Puzzle 2


We are in presence of you, with a second version of Atomic Puzzle, in which you don't be bored and you can improve your intelligence, while you are playing the game. Your goal in the game is to destroy the circles band in different ways and linked to the atom, according to the colors.

Select your partition and initiated the game, by clicking on "GAME PLAY" button. The game is played only with "MOUSE". You can explode both clicked circular and next to atoms of the same color, by clicking on the atoms connected to each other, at least two of the same color, founded at the side of the screen. Let's explain it much more clear, by giving descriptive examples: At first chapter, there are three pieces of the round on the top, side by side green, red and green again. When you click on one of them which is red, all three of them will be destroyed. All that is left, will remain three pieces atoms yellow, blue and yellow again. It will be sufficient to just click on blue one, in order to exploding them.

As long as you passing the chapters, will appear different types of atoms. You can blow up the circular with your liked colors, containing all types of color, when you click on the circular, consisting of two colors, will be separated two hosted colors circular. Bomb-shaped circles can blow up all linked atoms.

You can respectively, retrieve your the last move, restart the current section, return to the main menu and reach to the help menu, with buttons, located in the lower right corner side of the screen. Do not forget that less move and time, you finish the game, the more points you can get. Enjoy your stay!