Your space ship goes down on a planet outside of the world and everybody died there, you are the only person who stays alive. You need to do some work to repair the ship and to flee from there. Are you ready to go like "Point and Click" challenging journey of our game?

If you would like to skip the introduction part, click on "SKIP" button and initiated the game with "NEW GAME" button. In order to skipping the explanations or the conversations click on any area of the screen. The game is played only with "MOUSE". Try to click anywhere on the screen that you see. In this way, you can see the hidden objects that you find, are shown at the bottom of the screen.

Let's give a few important tips for the players forced to play the game, at first and try to show how they should make a beginning. There are "CARGO CONTAINERS" titled boxes, at the end of the corridor road to the cockpit. When you click on them, you will find a wrench there. Click on it and take it. There will be appear a doll on the other box. Take it and then, select the wrench from your warehouse; after then, click on the titled "CONTROL PANEL" buttons, founded on the door of the cockpit. Thus, the door will be opened. Follow the same thing to buttons founded next to the machine room, with the doll. In this way, we have opened two rooms. That is enough for now, watch video of the game, for much more help.

In the course of the game, you can return to the main menu, with "MENU" button founded in the upper right corner side; with "SOUND" button, you can reach to the sound settings as well. We wish you have a ball!

Help video: