Clobe: The Portal Adventure


We are in presence of you with a great game which in one hand dazzles with its simplicity on the other hand, entertains the players quaintly. Your yellow small ball caughts in some traps and needs to escape, by collecting the diamonds. Would you like to help it?

Select your chapter, by clicking on "PLAY" button. As to the game controls are as follows:

Acting: "W,A,S,D" or "DIRECTION" keys.
Returning to the last control point: "R" key.

You need to collect all the diamonds in the game, in order to passing to the next section. After you collecting the diamonds, you can make the irradiation process, by placing the diamonds to the irradiation regions. You can follow the amount of the diamond that you collected from the indicator, located in the lower right corner of the screen. Also, the less time you finish the game, the more points you earn. Because, in every one second, your 10 point decreases. Again, If you are able to eat scattered white spots, within the section, each points will give you 50 points. In the case of the placing the diamonds, will be given 500 points.

There are may be barbed areas, in some walls of regions or locations. Be careful to these areas! If you touch to these areas, you start from the scratch or you passing the last check points. Let's see, will you able to help our yellow small ball? Have you a good time!