Penguin Diner 2


Wanted a waiter who makes rings round all waiters. It is necessary to earn sufficient amount of money and go back home and would you like to help him? It is very important to be promptitude, in this game. It will provide a great contribution to the Penguin by making timely services to the customers.

When the game is loaded, click on "PLAY GAME" button. Initiated the game, by clicking on "CONTINUE" and "START" buttons. The only thing what you need to do, is to take orders from the customers, by showing the empty places and take the orders when they are ready to be serviced. You must do all these things on time. If you are not able to pass the money which you need to at the end of the day; you will need to play the same day again. If you have enough amount of money or start, you can purchase the things that you might need by clicking on "CATALOG" button.

You can follow your remaining time from the top left corner side of the screen and you can follow your points or your score at the bottom of the screen. To pause the game, when you click on "PAUSE" button, you can set the sound of the game with "PAUSE" button, founded at the bottom of right corner side, you can restart or continue the game with the same button. We wish you have a good time!