DuckLife 3: Evolution


We are in presence of you with the third game of Ducklife series. As you know, your purpose in the game is to nurture and develop the duck. Of course, then join the Olympics. Are you ready?

After you clicking on "START" button, select the type of duck from the eggs, given you to you. There are four types of duck!

Strong Duck: Climbing power is very good, but running and swimming powers are moderate level, as to the flying power is quite low.
Athletic Duck: Running and swimming powers are very good; however, climbing and flying powers are very low.
Flying Duck: Flying power is extremely excellent and swimming power is moderate level. But, running and climbing powers are very low.
Swimming Duck: Swimming power is extremely excellent. Flying power is moderate level; but, running and climbing powers are very low.

After you selecting your duck, you need to make practices and develop the features of your duck, by putting on "TRAIN" button. You can purchase some foods, from the food menu buttons, founded in them main menu part, by collecting golds, at the time of exercises. In this way, will increase the energy of your duck. After reaching a sufficient level, participate in the contests. If you win all the races and you will have right to continue to the next difficulty level. Enjoy your stay!