Electric Box 2


Physicists, we are offering a great new game for you. Can you transmit the energy given from the source of energy, to the atom, by putting some objects between the spaces? If your response is "YES", then you are welcome!

Click on "PLAY GAME" button and select a section from the upper right corner side and then, initiated the game. The game is played with "MOUSE". Leave the objects given to you, in the right place, by dragging them to the right side. You should place each object in the right place, in oder to conveying energy to the atom.

You can not move the objects, when you click on the energy source and activate it. It is necessary close again the energy source, in order to moving it. If you are able to succeed in supplying energy to the atom, you can pass automatically to the next section.

In the course of the game, you can re-start the current playing, with "RESET LEVEL" button, founded in the upper right side of the screen; on the other hand, you can also return to the main menu with "LEVEL MENU" button and finally you can switch to the main menu with "MAIN MENU" button. Have you a good time!