Our red tomato feels very angry to the other fruits and vegetables. Therefore, wants to beat them and wants to go by flying. Would you like to help him? If your response is "YES" then, you are welcome!

Make entrance to the main menu, respectively, with "PLAY" and "PLAY GAME" buttons. Select the section, with "LEVEL SELECT" button. If you are play the game, for the first time, only the first chapter will be opened. To skip the introduction parts, click on "OK" button.

The game is played with "MOUSE". Click on the tomato and pull it to the direction which you would like to thrown. The more you pull, the more you perform a quick shot. If you are able to be successful to destroy all the fruits, you are entitled to move to the next section.

Do not forget that you have a limited right to make shooting. You can check the remaining souls of you, when you click on tomato. Some sections will be accompanied by some vegetable to help you. You can follow and chance them, from the indicator founded at the top right corner side of the screen. Enjoy your self!