Totem Destroyer 2


We are in presence of you, with the second version of "Totem Destroyer" game establishing throne on the hearts. Your purpose in this game, as in the first version, is to save the ancient objects without dropping and breaking them. If you are ready, let's start.

Click respectively on "PLAY" and "NEW GAME" buttons. You can use "NEXT" button, founded in the lower right corner, to skip the introduction parts. The game is played with "MOUSE". Just click left on the objects that you would like to remove. It is necessary to destroy all the other objects, in order to passing the section, by putting the antique furniture on the black bloc: Characteristics of each block has different colors.

Let's explain the keys useful for you in the game:

Restart the section: "R" key.
Turning on-off the music sound: "M" key.
Returning to the main menu: "Q" key.
Writing cheat screen(While still in main menu) "SHIFT+C" key.

Let's see how much you are successful in saving the ancient objects? Enjoy your stay!